P R O T O  is our new Vancouver-based Apparel Development Facility focused on Prototyping, Samples & Small Run Manufacturing.

Located in the rich creative hub of the False Creek Flats, in Vancouver, BC, P R O T O gives our partners creativity with less commitment, allowing them to produce samples and prototypes in a space that is designed to inspire.

Approval on proto-samples, which can take up to 3 months otherwise, can take as little as 1 day in our Vancouver facility.

Build on your creativity and reduce your prototype lead times with P R O T O.


Looking to do small run SMU production, or working on developing a premium product line? We are equipped to handle quickly a wide range of production in ourVancouver facility, for an extra helping of Canadian Goodness.

Sewing Machines

  • Yamato Feed-off-the-arm 4-needle Flatlock (Mid weight)
  • Yamato Feed-off-the-arm 4-needle Flatlock (Light weight)
  • Juki 3-Needle Flatlock
  • Siruba Cylinder bed, 3-needle cover stitch
  • Juki flat bed 3-needle cover stitch
  • Brother flatbed cover stitch
  • Pegasus 3-needle cover stitch for light weights and delicates
  • (x2) Juki 4-thread serger
  • Juki 5-thread serger
  • Juki single needle – zig-zag
  • Juki single needle lock stitch
  • Singer single needle chain stitch
  • (x2) Juki Single needle feed lock stitch
  • Juki single needle straight stitch
  • Kenmore (Sears Special) zig-zag J
  • Juki Chain Stitch – button sewer
  • Brother Direct Drive Button Holer
  • Brother direct drive bar tacker
  • Kansai 8-needle chain stitch
  • Hashima high speed industrial thread splitter
  • Reliable air-up vacuum pressing table
  • Silverstar Iron with All-Steam Seambuster hoses

Bonding, Seam Tape, and Heat Press Machines

  • Framis Italia MX 204 Weld & Cut Machine
  • Framis Italia MX 206 High Pressure Seam Taping Machine
  • Framis Italia MX 208 Edge Binding Machine
  • Framis Italia MX210 Seam Taping Machine
  • Framis Italia MX 211 Fold and Tape Machine
  • Framis Italia MX 212 Joining Machine
  • Framis Italia MX 280 Ultra Sonic Welding Machine
  • Metalnox PTS900 Pneumatic heat press – 20” x 40”
  • SGS Digital heat press – 14” x 16”
  • Geo Knight DC8T heat press – multiple size plattens
  • Geo Knight Digital Combo swinging head 10” x 12”
  • Geo Knight analog 5” x 8”

Cutting & Pattern Making

  • Gerber Accumark
  • Gerber Plotter
  • Gerber Pattern Scanning Table
  • Atom Industrial Die cutting machine
  • Ace K8 automatic waistband cutting machine
  • Cutting table with fabric spreader 30’ x 8’
  • Rope, cord, and tape hot cutter

Printing Equipment

  • Brother GT-381 Direct-to-Garment CMYK + WWWW
  • Epson Sure Color 6200 Dye Sublimation Printer – 44”
  • Shulze Pretreat Maker III
  • GCC Cliper Plotter/Cutter – 24”
  • 72” Gerber Plotter
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