We are Syte Industries.

A complete apparel design & manufacturing solution

leading the new generation.


Syte Industries Inc. provides a high quality and complete back-end solution for apparel brands across North America and around the world. We are located right in the heart of the creative hub of Vancouver, British Columbia with our production and sourcing team in based in the FFC, Shanghai, China.


Our services include:
• Industry leading in-house apparel design,  prototyping and sample development in our 4,500sqft state-of-the-art P R O T O lab (P R O T O).

• Innovating technical, natural, and synthetic fabrics.

• Ethical and sustainable global sourcing and manufacturing.

• Strong capabilities matching our customers and their product requirements with the most suitable facilities from around the world.

• Specialize in the production of mid-level and premium knit and woven apparel including, technical outerwear, base layers, underwear, street wear and casual wear.


Treat Others With Respect
We strive to respect our customers, suppliers and the environment.
Add Value Through Expertise
We seek to add value to the entire production process, from design to logistics.
Be Honest
We strive to act and communicate honestly with all customers and suppliers.


  • Travis Bothner Founder & President

    Travis founded Syte Industries in 2005, and his vision has helped us grow and evolve. Travis is an expert in sourcing, graphic design and branding. With over 20 years of experience working with both big brands, like Adidas, and smaller entrepreneurial brands, he knows the process and intricacies of apparel manufacturing inside and out. When he isn’t working on a new project or leading our growing company, you can find Travis playing with his boys and spending time with his wife, shooting photos or cycling.

  • Ying Hu Bothner Co Founder

    Ying is the glue that holds Syte Industries together. Her expertise in sourcing and apparel manufacturing are a key part of our success. Not only does Ying come from a family with deep roots in apparel manufacturing in Asia, she has over 20 years experience working with brands around the world. When not making Syte run, you can find her spending time with her three energetic boys, Travis included.

  • Stephen Wilson Director of Business Development

    Stephen is our operations specialist, making order out of chaos, and doing it all with style. His 15 years of experience making businesses run, both in the apparel and technology sectors, means that he is capable no matter the challenge. You can find him on the weekends either hiking in the mountains with his dog, playing in the water with his daughter, bbq’ing with friends or spending a quiet moment with his wife.

  • Natalia Pavanelli Sr. Designer

    Well versed in Fashion and Graphic Design, Natalia comes to us by way of Rio, Germany and France, before landing here in Vancouver. Her hands on experience with multiple brands around the world, allows her to take a fresh perspective on design challenges. When not working on the latest projects at P R O T O, you can find her hiking to somewhere with water and a beach, or painting on a rainy afternoon.

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